Design Standards Manual

The City of Happy Valley’s Engineering Design Manual has been developed to provide a uniform set of standards and procedures to assist the City and private consulting engineers in coordinating, designing and constructing public improvement projects. These standards apply to all improvements within the existing and proposed public right-of-way and easements, to all improvements intended for maintenance by the City, and to all other improvements for which the Municipal City Code requires the approval of the City Engineer. Standards for site grading, erosion control, pedestrian and bike facilities, parking lots, and driveway construction on private property are also contained in this manual and referenced in the City Code.

General DetailsPDFCAD
100 Local Street Sections100100
105 Neighborhood Street Sections105105
110 Collector Street Sections110110
115 Arterial Street Sections115115
120 Private Street Sections120120
140 Cul-De-Sacs140140
145 Loop Turnaround145145
160 Pavement Sections160160
170 Monument Boxes170170
Traffic Control & Signing DetailsPDFCAD
300 Street Signing300300
305 Street Signing Notes305305
310 Type III Street Barricade310310
315 End of Street Markers315315
320 Speed Cushion320320
330 Striping Details 1330330
335 Striping Details 2335335
350 Construction Hours Notice Sign 350350
Street DetailsPDFCAD
200 Pavement T-Cut200200
205 Trench Restoration with Granular Backfill205205
210 Trench Restoration with CDF210210
230 Monolithic Curb and Gutter230230
235 Vertical Curb235235
240 Mountable Curb and Gutter240240
245 Curb Ramps245245
250 Sidewalk250250
255 Sidewalk Trip Hazard255255
270 Residential Driveway270270
275 Commercial Driveway275275
280 Commercial Driveway with Curbs280280
285 Residential Driveway for Non-Curbed Street285285
290 Retrofit of Inlet at Driveway290290
Pathway and Trail DetailsBC
400 Pedestrian Path/Multi-use Trail Cross Sections400400
410 Bollards 410410

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