Boardwalk Ribbon Cutting

Have you been out to visit the new and improved boardwalk in Happy Valley Park? Even the rain didn’t keep us away a few weeks ago. The City Council joined a few residents, Parks Advisory Committee members, and City staff to celebrate the completion of the boardwalk. While the clouds were heavy with rain, the mood was light as we took a walk to appreciate the update to one of the city’s signature structures.

The boardwalk, which spans three-quarters of a mile, is highly utilized by walkers, runners, outdoor enthusiasts, bird-watchers, school classes and more. One of the improvements includes an increase in width from four feet to six feet, allowing strollers, kids, dogs, and adults to pass more comfortably. Included in the enhancements were upgrades to make it more accessible for people with disabilities and a new wetland observation deck. The materials also received an upgrade. Instead of wood, the boardwalk is now composed of a reversible PVC material that has a 25+ year lifespan.

The replacement of the boardwalk has been a few years in the making. In 2014, Happy Valley’s Parks Advisory Committee recommended a complete replacement of the structure due to growing safety concerns and maintenance expenses. At Council’s request, the City began exploring possible solutions to finance the renovation.
It’s been the City’s practice to ask for funding from the North Clackamas Parks District (NCPRD) when park structures and facilities require major maintenance, just as it did when the park’s basketball and tennis courts were in critical need of resurfacing. Unfortunately, on the boardwalk project and the others, funds were not provided by NCPRD.
The City Council took matters into our own hands and chose to make providing amenities to our residents a priority by adding the renovation costs to our budget. Through the combined efforts of Happy Valley’s Engineering and Public Works departments and the Parks Advisory and Budget committees, a plan for replacing the boardwalk was presented to City Council.
We want to thank City staff and our Parks Advisory Committee for their work on this important project. The finished product came in on time, nearly 30% under budget, and without closing the boardwalk during the construction. This demonstrates yet again why we have full confidence in the City to complete parks projects and meet resident needs at the same time.
The residents of Happy Valley can be proud of this new structure, fully funded through Happy Valley’s general fund, that will be here for many years to come.

Take a minute to enjoy this great addition to Happy Valley Park.

Special thanks to Oregon Woods, Inc. who worked under the worst weather conditions imaginable this winter!