2022 Youth Town Hall

School Safety Town Hall to discuss issues of security, emergency response

The City of Happy Valley and Happy Valley’s Youth Council are coordinating a community event to be held later this month with an emphasis on school safety. The Youth Council typically holds an annual youth-centric event for high school students, but this year’s gathering will broaden its reach and encourage parents of teens to join as well. Youth will continue to take center stage, however, with identified speakers helping guide the conversation. With instances of school violence making national headlines and local incidents stimulating concern in the community, the topic is timely and an important one for both students and families to discuss together.

The School Safety Town Hall event will include school educators, civic and business leaders, public and social service agencies, law enforcement, and elected officials.

Planned in partnership with North Clackamas School District, the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office, and Happy Valley Police Department, the Town Hall will give teens and their parents the opportunity to talk more specifically about school safety and the emergency response processes that are in place. Specific points of interest include:

  1. How to identify and report a threat or concern
  2. How reports of harm are collected and assigned to law enforcement
  3. How reports are investigated
  4. The role of law enforcement and School Resources Officers
  5. What students and parents can do to help during an incident
  6. How reunification plans are implemented and information disseminated

RSVP by:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Call or text: (541) 801-9886
  • Visit City Hall M-F 8am-5pm
  • Select GOING on the Facebook event invitation

*Please note this event will include content that is sensitive in nature. Information is specifically geared toward students in middle and high school, and their parents or caregivers.