Prestige Care Annexation Measure


Q: What is the annexation measure that will be on the November ballot?
A: Voters of Happy Valley are being asked to consider a measure regarding an annexation. If the measure passes the city would annex approximately 12 acres on Johnson Creek Boulevard to be included in the City limits.

Q: Are all annexations put on the ballot to be considered by the voters?
A: No. The decision to annex is made by the City Council. Annexations are usually done at the request of the property owner. In most cases, annexation petitions are submitted by property owners who see value in being part of Happy Valley.

Q: Why is this annexation measure on the ballot?
A: Although annexation decisions are made by the City Council, those decisions may be referred to the ballot for voters to consider. The City Council passed an annexation along Johnson Creek Boulevard. At the same time, the City Council passed a Comprehensive Plan/Zoning Map amendment for the primary property to become Mixed-Use Commercial (MUC). This included a restriction that only allows an assisted-living/senior housing facility on the primary subject site, including building height limitations. A group gathered enough signatures for the annexation to be referred to the ballot for registered voters to consider.

Q: Who referred the annexation measure to the voters?
A: The Chief Petitioners are Ilsa and Christian Stabenow.

Q: If passed, how big would the proposed annexation be?
A: The properties that are proposed to be annexed total 12.33 acres in size.

Q: Where is the area located?
A: The properties are along the south and north sides of a portion of Johnson Creek Boulevard, east of I-205, with the primary property located at the northwest intersection of Johnson Creek Boulevard and Bristol Park Drive.

Q: If the voters pass the annexation measure, what’s allowed to be built?
A: If the annexation measure is passed by the voters, the property would be zoned MUC, but would be limited to that of an assisted living /senior housing facility. In addition, the development would still need to be passed by the City’s Design Review Board.

Q: If the annexation measure passes, what would the traffic impact of such a development be?
A: As part of the petition to annex and the application for a Comprehensive/Zoning Map amendment, the City required the property owner/developer to conduct a traffic study to analyze the impact of the proposed use. The study found that the vehicular trips for the proposed facility were not significantly higher than the approximately 20 homes that might develop on the property under its current unincorporated Clackamas County residential zone. Furthermore, part of the approval included a vehicular traffic “trip cap” that was based on the City’s Traffic Engineer (DKS Associates) review and concurrence with the Prestige Residential Care Facility Traffic Impact Analysis dated June 3, 2017 by Clemow Associates, LLC.

Q: If the annexation measure passes, what building design and other requirements would the proposed assisted living facility have to meet?
A: All developments of this nature are required to meet the City’s Design Standards and be reviewed by the Design Review Board. A restriction that was put in place by the Planning Commission and City Council is that the future structure is restricted to a maximum building height of 50 feet from the front property line adjacent to Bristol Park Drive westward.

Q: I heard this particular property was supposed to be a new school, what happened?
A: The North Clackamas School District #12 (NCSD#12) designated this land as surplus property and has entered into a contract to sell the property to Prestige Care.

Q: Will this measure affect the taxes in Happy Valley or have any measurable costs or financial benefits?
A: This measure has no impact to taxes for current property owners of Happy Valley. If passed, the properties that would be annexed would begin to pay City property taxes and receive City services such as police or code enforcement. The City has a permanent tax rate of $0.67 per $1,000 of assessed value and a local option levy for police services at the rate of $1.38 per $1,000 of assessed value.

Q: If the annexation measure passes would the City be working with emergency responders to ensure this location would be appropriate for an assisted living facility?
A: As part of the application and passage process, the City coordinated with Clackamas Fire District No. 1 to ensure emergency responders could access the site.

Q: Why did the City’s Planning Commission and City Council vote to pass Prestige’s annexation and zone change request?
A: Given the property gathered little interest for purchase by the North Clackamas Parks & Recreation District or the Altamont Homeowner’s Association, NCSD#12 supported the sale of the surplus land to Prestige Care as an assisted-living/senior housing facility. Based on the conceptual development plan, preliminary design of the facility, and height and traffic limitations imposed on the proposed future development, the Planning Commission and City Council passed the request.

Q: What will happen if the measures does not pass?
A: If the measure does not pass, the property will not be annexed to the City and it would remain in unincorporated Clackamas County. The property would not pay City property taxes nor receive City services. Future plans for the property would depend on the property owner.