Welcome to Happy Valley, we look forward to working together on your project. This document will help navigate the permitting process and give useful information on submittal requirements that will expedite the review of the commercial development. Once a project has received land use approval (Design Review) and the project team ready to submit construction plans, the following process is typical for obtaining building permit approval.

Submittals for the project require reviews from the Economic and Community Development Department in the Planning, Engineering and Building divisions. The submittal requirements for each division are listed below. Plan review timelines vary with each project. Providing detailed, comprehensive plans will help expedite the plan review timeline. Once the first review is complete, addressing every comment with the applicable information will help to shorten the plan review process.

First, plans should be submitted to the Engineering division for site development permit approval. In addition to the Engineering division, other reviews with separate submittals may be required depending on the location and project. City staff can certainly assist in determining the additional reviews. Additional contact information (as applicable) is listed below:

Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) for State highways ODOT
District 2C office
Phone: 503-665-4193
Access Management Unit

Clackamas County Department of Transportation and Development (DTD) for county roads
(503) 742-4400

Clackamas County Water Environment Services (WES) for sanitary sewer and storm systems

Sunrise Water Authority for water connections
(503) 761-0220


Planning Division:

TWO half-size sets of color, architectural elevations (may be submitted digitally)

• A signed sign permit application for job site work and construction hours sign. (No Charge)

Engineering Division:

THREE full-size sets of plans 22” X 34” (ANSI D) or 24” X 36” (ARCH D). Supporting information and documentation, such as geotechnical engineering report, wall design and traffic studies shall be submitted as well. The scale shall be 1” = 2’, 4’, 5’, or 10’ vertically and 1” = 10’,20’,30’,40’ or 50’ horizontally for all drawings except structural drawings. The scale of corresponding sheets shall be the same. The engineering division also encourages submittals in PDF format.

• Private onsite plumbing systems will require a plan review and permit through the building division. The engineering plans will be routed to the building division for plumbing review.

• Signed permit applications:

o Erosion Control Application 
o Site Development Application
o Right-of-way Permit
o Submittal Checklist

• For complete submittal guidelines see Chapter 2 of the Happy Valley Engineering Design Manual.

• You can also refer to the Engineering Plan Review Process & Application Packet

• Plan review deposit will be required per the engineering fee schedule.

Building Division:

TWO full-size sets of Architectural and Structural drawings (Minimum 1/8” scale) with structural calculations, specification books and Com-Check. Permit applications and valuations will be required at submittal.

• Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing (MEP) and Fire Systems (Sprinklers and Alarms) are typically separate reviews. Plumbing, Mechanical and Fire Systems will be submitted to Happy Valley for review and approval. Clackamas County will review and issue the electrical permits. If plumbing, mechanical and fire system drawings are included with the architectural/structural drawings, please provide permit applications with fixture counts for the plumbing permit and valuation for the mechanical and fire sprinkler permits. Signed permit applications will be required prior to permit issuance.

o Mechanical application
o Plumbing application
o Structural application
o Sewer application

• Deferred submittals are allowed and may include roof trusses, storefronts, shelving, refrigerators and freezers.

• Building division will require a $1,000 plan review deposit, fees will be calculated after project submittal.

Electronic Submittal

Happy Valley uses the State ePermitting program, if you would like to submit for building permits digitally, please log on to https://aca.oregon.accela.com/oregon/

If you need assistance with navigating the site or have questions, please contact the state ePermitting group at 503-373-7396.

If submitting for Engineering, please send electronic files or a link to the plans to Carol Earle and Sally Curran and copy Karleen Aichele.

*Note: Beginning January 1, 2019 electronic submittals will be required for all projects in the City of Happy Valley

Permit Issuance

Once reviews have been approved, a Building Permit Release Letter will be distributed to each division, to WES and any other affected agency for authorization (signature) to issue permits. After the letter has been signed, a pre-construction meeting will be scheduled with the City, owner, and contractor at City Hall to discuss project details and have the final plans stamped by Engineering, WES and any other required agencies.

Again, we look forward to working with you on your commercial project. If you have questions or concerns, please contact Matt Rozzell, Development Services Manager by email or 503-783-3843.