Non-Residential & Commercial Submittal Guidelines

Welcome to Happy Valley! We look forward to working together with you on your project.

This document is intended to help you navigate our permitting process and give you useful information on submittal requirements that will expedite the review of your development.

Project review is required from each division of the Economic and Community Development Department (Planning, Engineering, and Building). Each division has a specific set of requirements to follow; listed below. You may also be required to submit plans to outside entities (e.g. Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT), Sunrise Water Authority (SWA), Clackamas County Water Environment Service (WES), and/or Clackamas County Department of Transportation (DTD)), those contacts are listed at the bottom of this page.  If you are unsure if you need outside review, the planner in charge of your project will assist you.

Please note: Review timelines vary with each project.  Providing detailed comprehensive plans and addressing each review comment raised during the review process will help expedite the plan review process.

Once a project has received land-use approval, the following process is typical for obtaining building permit approval.

Engineering Division

Unless approved by the City Engineer electronic submittals are required and shall include the following:

Other submittals may be required such as those listed below. You can submit these with your first submittal if you have them and/or are aware of the requirement; if not they may be requested later by the project engineer reviewing the plans.

  • Traffic Report
  • Storm Water Drainage Calculations
  • Geotechnical Report
  • Preliminary Access Report (Sight Distance)
  • Pathway Design (if applicable)
  • Engineer’s Construction Estimate

All submittals shall be sent to [email protected] and MUST include:

  • Transmittal cover sheet detailing all items sent
  • The project name and land use number on the transmittal
  • The project name in the email subject line

If you want a more comprehensive list of submittal requirements you may find them in Chapter 2 of the Happy Valley Engineering Design Manual or as part of the Engineering Plan Review Process & Application Packet. The Land Use Conditions of Approval may outline additional requirements for your specific project.

Building Division

A successful submittal will include the following:

*Note: As of January 1, 2019, electronic submittals (PDF) will be required for all projects in the City of Happy Valley.  Happy Valley Building Division uses the State ePermitting program; please register at www.buildingpermits.oregon.gov. Upon approval of construction plans, the Building Division may require additional printed copies of permitted plans.

  1. Submit applicable elements of the Tri-County Check list
  2. Submit PDF of non-residential building elevations in color (for Planning approval)
  3. A signed sign permit application for job site work and construction hours sign (no charge). This will be forwarded to the Planning Division
  4. In addition to electronic submittal, please provide ONE full-size set of construction drawings (min 1/8” scale), to include specifications, calculations, and COMcheck compliance forms as required by OEESC Section 103.1 to include:
  • Building envelope
  • Window fenestration
  • Mechanical
  1. Permit applications and valuations will be required at submittal.
  2. Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing (MEP) and Fire & Alarm Systems are typically separate reviews. Plumbing, Mechanical and Fire & Alarm Systems to be submitted to Happy Valley for review and approval. Clackamas County will review electrical plans and COMchecks for permits. If plumbing, mechanical and fire system drawings are included with the architectural/structural drawings, please provide permit applications with fixture counts for the plumbing permit and valuation for the mechanical and fire sprinkler permits. Signed permit applications will be required prior to permit issuance.
  1. Plan review fees will be assessed after submittal is received.  Plan review will not be assigned until review fees have been collected.
  2. Deferred submittals may be allowed and might include roof trusses, fire/ life safety, storefronts details, shelving, refrigeration manufacturer plans, fabricator/ shop drawings etc. A fee of $250.00 is required for each deferred submittal.

Permit Issuance

Once reviews have been completed for code compliance, a Building Permit Release Letter will be distributed to each division, to Water Environment Services (WES) and to other affected agencies for required signatures prior to permit issuance. After the letter has been signed, a pre-construction meeting will be scheduled with the stakeholders to review project details.

We look forward to working with you. If you have questions or concerns, please contact [email protected].

Outside Contact Information

Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) for State Highways

ODOT District 2C Office
[email protected]

Clackamas County Department of Transportation and Development (DTD) for County Roads

(503) 742-4400
[email protected]

Clackamas County Water Environment Services (WES) for Sanitary Sewer and Storm Systems

[email protected]

Sunrise Water Authority for Water Connections

ODOT District 2C office
(503) 761-0220
[email protected]

Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) for Erosion Control

(Sites greater than 1 acre)
(503) 229-5696
[email protected]