May 17, 2021

May 16 through 22 marks National Public Works Week, a time to recognize those across the United States who provide and maintain city infrastructure and maintenance services. A primary goal of the celebratory week includes educating the general public about the value and necessities of public works projects and to call attention to the importance of public works in community life.

The City of Happy Valley relies on its Public Works team to take care of a variety of projects.
Responsibilities include:

  • Maintenance of approximately 58 lane miles of City streets and parking lots
  • Removal of debris and snow, roadway sanding and sweeping, striping, pothole repair, crack-sealing, and signage
  • Fulfillment of local, State, and federal mandates for streets and right of ways
  • Maintenance of the City parks and the Citywide trail system and public open spaces including all mowing, planting, blackberry removal, and tree trimming
  • Maintenance of all park buildings and athletic fields
  • Maintenance of playground equipment, picnic facilities, and sport courts
  • Maintenance of the City’s park equipment

Despite the pandemic, the City’s Public Works crew has remained hard at work to make sure daily tasks are completed and projects remain on course. Even the poor air quality from Fall’s wildfires and Winter’s snow and ice storm didn’t keep this team from showing up and getting work completed. As many cities across America recognize their Public Works employees, the City of Happy Valley would also like to extend its appreciation.  If you see members of the team out and about, please wave and pass along some positive words. Their contributions to Happy Valley are truly vital to the functioning of the City and its livability.


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