October 10, 2023

The City of Happy Valley is moving forward with plans for a new Community Center east of 172nd Avenue, near the future downtown development. As the next crucial step in this ambitious project, the City is now exploring options to best determine how to fund the first phase of the potential Community Center’s construction in order to bring it to fruition. To do this, the City has enlisted the services of DHM Research to conduct a scientifically valid survey among Happy Valley residents. The goal is to gauge the level of support or opposition to funding such a significant community endeavor. No decisions have been made and your input is incredibly valuable!

The upcoming survey, which will be carried out by phone and text message correspondence, is the latest of several outreach efforts conducted by the City. Feedback has also been received via town halls, focus groups, city council meetings, and other initiatives aimed at hearing from the community.

DHM Research will ensure a representative sampling of the Happy Valley community is obtained and that the results of the assessment provide an accurate understanding of the public’s level of interest in the project as it relates to financial feasibility. To this end, residents are strongly encouraged to participate if they are contacted to provide their input on the matter.

The City has already taken significant steps towards the realization of the Community Center vision by acquiring 40 acres of land east of 172nd Avenue, intended for a future community center and a community park. Through surveys, focus groups, and informal feedback from residents, the City has consistently identified this project as one of the top priorities for Happy Valley residents.

Envisioned amenities for a community center could potentially include:

  • Aquatics
  • Double Court Gymnasium
  • Indoor Walking & Jogging Track
  • Large Community Room & Kitchen
  • Reservable Gathering Space
  • Weight & Cardio Spaces
  • Group Exercise Room

These amenities have been conceptualized based on extensive input already gathered through previous surveys, focus groups, and a resident-led Steering Committee. Ultimately, the City is dedicated to ensuring that the community’s desires are reflected in the future community center’s features and offerings, and the upcoming survey by DHM Research will represent another vital platform for assessing public interest in pursuing next steps.

Residents selected to participate in the survey will receive contact via phone or text message from DHM Research. During these communications, the survey facilitator will clearly identify themselves and provide confirmation of the survey’s purpose to ensure transparency and legitimacy throughout the data-gathering process. Your participation in this survey will greatly contribute to shaping the future of Happy Valley’s community center and future parks and recreational programs. Results from the survey will be made available on the City’s website once completed.

For more information on the survey or to get involved in the community input process, please contact Stephanie Warneke, Communications and Public Relations Coordinator, at [email protected].

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