The deadline for 2018 application submission 5:00pm, Monday, March 5th, 2018.

Max Request:  $20,000 per community                                 Minimum Request: $250

Community Partnership Program (CPP) Grants are made available by Oregon’s Mt. Hood Territory (OMHT) for tourism-related projects in local communities. On-line applications are submitted to Mt. Hood Territory. They are then forwarded to local grant review committees for consideration. Qualifying projects are those that demonstrate an ability to: 1) generate overnight stays in lodging facilities, 2) bring out of area visitors into a community from more than 50 miles away to recreate, shop, dine or take in the arts, cultural or historic offerings, and/or 3) entice visitors to linger longer in a community within Clackamas County. The most competitive projects are those that offer the greatest potential to increase tourism* activity within the communities they are seeking funding.

Funding for this grant program comes from the County’s 6% transient lodging tax

(*) The statutory definition of tourism is “economic activity resulting from tourists.” A “tourist” is defined as “a person who, for business or pleasure, recreation or participation in events related to the arts, heritage or culture, travels from the community in which that person is a resident to a different community that is separate, distinct from and unrelated to the person’s community of residence.” It further stipulates that the travel be “more than 50 miles from their community of residence or include an overnight stay.” ORS 320.300 (6), (7) and (10)

Applications are submitted on-line. Separate applications are required for each project, even if an applicant is submitting multiple proposals.


  1. Click HERE to create a grant applicant profile. (for those who have not already done so)
  2. Those who have already registered a profile can access the on-line application and grant reporting forms here.

If you have questions about CPP grants in your community please contact the local CPP grant administrator.

Dates & Timelines:

  • Completed applications need to be submitted by 5:00pm, Monday, March 5, 2018.
  • Notice and Award Agreements will be emailed the beginning of April, 2018
  • Projects shall be completed by December 31, 2018.
  • Extensions for projects need to be requested by November 29, 2018. (Granted for extenuating circumstances only.)
  • Year-End Reports for all funded project shall be submitted by February 7, 2019.

Additional Materials:

CPP Application Question Preview

Review Committee Worksheet

Program Overview

Terms and Conditions

CPP Reporting Question Preview

Contact Stephani Hern 503-783-3819 with any questions.