Summer reading is here!  Like many things, our summer reading program is different this year, but we’re still celebrating reading, curiosity, and relaxation. So let’s read away the long summer days, and we’ll mail out prizes to Happy Valley Library community participants in September.

How to Play

  • Read for at least 20 minutes on 24 separate days. Audiobooks count too!
  • If you are five or younger, someone can read or sing with you for at least 10 minutes per day for 24 separate days.
  • Mark a square on your game board for each day that you read.


How to get a game board:

  • Download a printable game board, or
  • Find one in the Happy Valley Newspaper, or
  • Share a game board with a family member, just use your initials or a symbol to keep track, or
  • Make your own ~ we aren’t picky 😜

How to return your finished game board:

  • Mail it to the Library, or
  • Drop it in our book drop, or
  • Keep your paper game board as a souvenir, and fill out our online form.

How to collect your prize:

  • We’ll mail a prize to all Happy Valley Library community participants in September!

Make and Do

New this year, a weekly Make and Do challenge for all ages with prizes! New prize drawing every week!

Happy Valley community members, please email entries to: library@happyvalleyor.gov

Reading Challenges

In a reading rut? Get out of your comfort zone, and discover something new with these reading ideas!  We’re here to help, if you’d like book suggestions.

Reading Recommendations for Kids & Teens

Our librarians talk about books they love in these videos.

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