Winter Reading 2021

3/1/21 UPDATE: Winter Reading is over for this year! We loved seeing what you all were reading! We also were so happy to be able to get some prizes out to a few of you lucky winners. Plans are being made for summer reading this year, so keep that to-be-read list well stocked! We’re always happy to help with reading ideas if you need any.

-Isaac, Doug, and the HV Library team


Winter weather is upon us. That means cold, dark evenings that are perfect for spending time with a good book! The Happy Valley Library is having a Winter Reading program to encourage adults and teens to keep reading this winter. There will even be prizes for some lucky participants!  

Submit an entry for every book you finish reading between December 1 and February 28. Prize drawings will be held at the end of each month, with final drawings on February 28.

Area residents ages 13 and up are eligible to participate. Need help? Call the Library to submit your entry503-783-3455. 

Thanks for participating this year!
Together, we read over 750 books in three months!

Have a look at some of the books people have read! 

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