“If I Were Mayor, I Would…” 2020


At the June 2 City Council meeting, Kate Janzen, a fourth grader from Scouters Mountain Elementary,  Kyle McFarland, a sixth grader at Happy Valley Middle School, and Yurie Han, a junior at Clackamas High School were recognized for their winning submissions in the 2020 “If I were Mayor” contest. Sponsored by the Oregon Mayors Association, the contest encourages youth to take a closer look at their community and describe what they would do if they could be mayor. Their entries have been submitted to the statewide contest, where a winner will be announced later this summer.

Kate Janzen

Scouters Mountain Elementary, 4th grade

UPDATE: State 1st place winner for her poster entry

Kyle McFarland

Happy Valley Middle School, 6th grade

Yurie Han

Clackamas High School, Junior

UPDATE: State 3rd winner for her digital media submission