Happy Valley Sculpture Garden

In July, City Council dedicated six new sculptures in the Happy Valley Sculpture Garden. The sculptures were selected by a committee comprised of Happy Valley residents, City employees, and representatives from the Clackamas County Arts Alliance.

All art sculptures in the Sculpture Garden were created by Oregon artists and were produced using a variety of recycled materials. The sculptures are on loan for a two-year period from the artists, and are available for purchase during that time.

The Happy Valley rotating sculpture garden program was inspired by local resident Jim Grady who envisioned enlivening the areas around City Hall with Public Art. In March of 2013, City Council approved this program, and in June of 2013, the new Happy Valley Sculpture Garden became a reality!

The Happy Valley Sculpture Garden celebrates Public Art and gives City Hall visitors and staff up close and personal access to a variety of artworks. It is Happy Valley’s hope that the Sculpture Garden program will enhance public land, promote a cultural environment and art appreciation within the community.

2015 Art Selection

This sculpture speaks to the continuous cycle of life, self-regulating, adding and subtracting to maintain “balance”. The four colors represent air, water, earth and fire – the building blocks for life. The polished sphere reflects the viewer’s image, reinforcing that they are a critical part of the equation.

The boxed forms in Harmony are 1/8” steel, seal welded and painted with automotive paint. The ring is made from pipe and the base is ½” steel. The stainless sphere is a high quality chemical tank float.

Priced for Sale: $8,500.00

Cattails are a childhood memory. With a breeze makes a gentle motion. Salacia is made from recycled materials, sewer pipe and rebar. The base is also outfitted to hold plants.

Priced for Sale: $6,500.00

War and peace bring strong, moving ideas into motion. Is one stronger? Will one move you more than the other?

Peace Totem is comprised of welded steel, stainless steel and Zink plated parts.

Priced for Sale: $20,000.00

Pier celebrates the amazing flight of a bird near the ocean on a pier. This sculpture is composed of stainless steel and reclaimed wood from aged buildings. The wood has been polished and treated to withstand weather elements.

Priced for Sale: $9,500.00

An “atomic” representation with the twist of hard lines representing DNA. The matching atomic sculptures are created entirely from reclaimed steel pieces, juxtaposed to create hard angles and twists.

Priced for Sale: $10,000.00*

*Please note: This exhibit will only be sold as a completed pair.

Please inquire at City Hall for all art sales.