completed – 2019 Street Maintenance Program 

Contractor Information:  Intermountain Slurry Seal, Inc
Project Timeline:  Monday July 29 – Tuesday August 6
Parking Areas: Most neighborhoods have additional parking nearby. Please see the link for areas where the City has opened up additional parking for neighborhoods who have restricted parking. If you have any concerns or questions about parking and accessing your house, please call the City at 503-783-3800 so we can work with you to resolve the issue. 

Additional Parking

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2nd Notification Door Hanger

Project Maps & Dates

This program entails crack sealing and slurry sealing of various streets throughout the City. A few weeks after the contractor has sealed all the large cracks on the selected street, they will place a thin application of emulsified asphalt product called Slurry Seal over the entire roadway surface for the purpose of sealing the existing pavement to protect it from water intruding into the roadway base and causing damage to the roadway.  The cure/dry is extensive and unfortunately, vehicular traffic will not be allowed during that curing time.

Slurry Seal Q & A

2019 Street Improvement Program

Contractor Information: 

Mike, S-2 Contractors, Inc.

Project Timeline:  July 25 – August 25

Street Improvement Map