Emergency Small Business Grant Program


Happy Valley City Council approved Resolution 20-16 to expand the program which will enable 49 local businesses to receive an Emergency Small Business Grant.


4:00 PM

The application process for the Emergency Small Business Grant Program is now closed. All applications that have been submitted are currently being reviewed in the order received. Businesses receiving grants will be notified no later than May 8.

We encourage businesses to continue exploring other forms of assistance.

On April 21 the Happy Valley City Council approved Resolution 20-13 authorizing an emergency business assistance program to support local businesses affected by COVID-19.

Small businesses can apply to receive emergency grant funding beginning Friday, April 24 at 4 pm through Friday, May 1 at 4 pm.

An Application and Sample Contract will be available Friday, April 24 at 4 pm

Program Description

Happy Valley local businesses are in a state of uncertainty and financial strain due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The City of Happy Valley believes it should take immediate action to assist local independent businesses with lease, rental, or mortgage assistance that had to temporarily close or reduce services as a result of government order.

Business Eligibility

  • Business has a Happy Valley business license that was issued prior to the issuance of the grant award and has paid in full for any years the business hadn’t renewed.
  • Business operates out of a physical commercial storefront within the city limits of Happy Valley and has a lease, rent, or mortgage payment on the property.

Individual food carts that have a stationary physical location are eligible, but not the property owner.

Business owners who have independent contractors (i.e. salons) are eligible, but must sign agreement to not charge rent to independent contractors during the months they receive the grant award.

  • Business must not have more than 2 locations nationwide.
  • Business is under a mandatory closure or change in service guideline (by state, federal or local gov) due to COVID-19. As of 4/2/2020, this includes the following:

Governor’s Executive Order 20-07

Governor’s Executive Order 20-10

Governor’s Executive Order 20-12

Note, due to the Governor’s Executive Order 20-22 allowing non-urgent health care procedures to resume May 1, 2020, medical, dental, and other healthcare facilities will only be eligible for reimbursement of one-month’s rent, lease, or mortgage payment.

  • Business verifies they intend to continue operations when government orders are lifted.
  • Business must provide proof they applied for the Small Business Administration Paycheck Protection Program or a reason stating why they did not apply. However, this requirement will not impact eligibility.

Program Operation

  • Business submits an online application to the City during a 1-week timeframe to be established.
  • If application is found complete, application will be reviewed and notice of award will occur within 1 week.
  • Awards will be made on a first come, first served basis.
  • If awarded, Letter of Commitment will be executed between both parties, acting as the grant contract.
  • Business must submit proof of lease, rent, or mortgage amount (i.e. invoice, statement, or rental agreement).
  • City will provide payment on behalf of the business to the landlord up to $7,500 per month for up to two months (eligible months include April, May, or June). Payment will only be made after any rental abatement offered by the landlord or mortgage holder has been factored in. In addition, if the rent, lease, or mortgage invoice is greater than $7,500, business will need to submit payment in the excess amount prior to the City providing the grant award.
  • If direct payment to the landlord isn’t possible, City may provide reimbursement to the business owner with proof rent, lease, or mortgage was paid.
  • The program is in effect during the City of Happy Valley’s declared state of emergency; however, if program funds are exhausted prior to the declaration is lifted, then the program will be closed.
  • If the mortgage, rent, or lease holder is also the registered business owner through a different business name, they do not qualify
  • Program will operate on a first-come, first-serve basis with a maximum $500,000 available citywide, unless expanded through additional State or Federal funding.



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Assistant City Manger

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