COVID-19 Message from Mayor Ellis


As your Mayor, my thoughts are with everyone in this community. These are unprecedented times and the information seems like it is changing by the hour. While I wish I had all the answers, I know staying calm and following the recommendations and directives set forth by officials at the local, state, and federal levels is our most effective course of action.

At the City level, the health and safety of this community continues to be my top priority. Each business day, an Emergency Management Team comprised of a group of City employees convenes to discuss the impacts of COVID-19 as it relates to Happy Valley. Included on this team is the City’s Manager, Public Safety Director, and Chief of Police, just to name a few. This team has been communicating with officials across the State, researching information and protocols, preparing the messaging you see on our website and social media, and implementing plans, including the most recent decision to instill a partial closure at Happy Valley Park. I have joined this meeting from time to time and have enlisted members of City Council to share this task with me to stay connected and engaged with the work being done. The City is also in process of building a task force that will help support local businesses. I, along with the City, believe it is important to do what we can to support our local businesses and know many of you may be looking for ways you can help. It is our goal to provide you with tangible ways to do this.

I want to acknowledge that getting fresh air, being outside, and finding ways to stay active is just as important to our health as washing our hands and minimizing direct contact with others. Right now, the Happy Valley Park remains open, however the City has limited this to the walking trails, fields, and pathways in efforts to encourage recommended social distancing. I hope people will continue to utilize the Park in this capacity and keep in mind this partial closure is temporary. I know I share the sentiments of our City employees and residents alike that we miss our usual way of life and are anxiously waiting for the normalcy to return. I am willing to bet parents, teachers, those working remotely, and those facing harsher uncertainties feel similarly. In times like these, I know we will unite and get through this together.

As I’ve said before, please stay home if you are sick and do what you can to practice recommended social distancing so that we can all do our part to reduce the spread of COVID-19. If you are concerned that you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, please call your healthcare provider.

Continue to lend a helping hand when you can and give neighbors and friends who may be elderly or immune comprised a call or Email to check in on them. This Happy Valley community is like no other. We are strong, we are compassionate, and we are united.

Thank you to our City staff who continue to remain committed to this community.  The City will continue to deliver updates regarding general impacts as they arise, so please remember to check the City’s website and follow us on Facebook for the most current information. With today being International Day of Happiness, I urge you to look for small acts of kindness, be thankful for friends, family, and those you cherish, and remember there is so much beauty in this world to behold.

COVID-19 Information