March 24, 2020

A message from Happy Valley Director of Public Safety, Steve Campbell:

On behalf of the Happy Valley Emergency Operations Center (EOC), I want to stress that the safety of our residents is our top priority and the EOC team is meeting daily to collect critical information, and coordinate with local governments in response to COVID-19.
As we navigate these growing impacts, we know that emergency rooms and hospital beds are needed for the treatment of those infected by the virus. This means injuries and other emergencies caused by high risk behavior can easily add up and put a strain on our community’s resources.

With the extra free time and the need to get outside and release energy, you may find yourself wanting to tackle more house projects and engage in more active recreational activities. This is perfectly understandable, but I ask that you please remember to be cautious and conservative in your actions.

Please wear helmets when you’re doing things like riding your bike, and don’t skimp on such safety equipment as elbow and knee pads when the activity warrants. Furthermore, don’t climb up on the roof of your house or use that new power tool if you don’t know what you’re doing. Major cuts, broken bones, and injury due to falls, for example, are the last thing you want deal with. The same goes for injuries and vehicle collisions due to distracted and reckless driving. I urge you to be aware of your surroundings and make smart choices. We absolutely need our first responders available right now.

For parents, please emphasize this message to your kids and help them understand the gravity of this matter. Please follow the Governor’s Stay at Home order as much as possible and do your part to help keep Happy Valley safe for everyone. Your cooperation will help us immensely as we continue to look out for local businesses, residents, and their families.

COVID-19 Information