Thank you to the 600-plus residents who completed our online City Survey which served to help us better understand how COVID-19 is impacting our local community. Your participation was incredibly helpful. Our goal was to gain better perspective as to what residents are facing and formulate our communications in the most effective and useful way.

Below are the top-line results to each question asked, and what the City has been doing.

Please Note:  Full responses to the open ended questions are included, however resident names and a few instances of profanity have been redacted.

1. How knowledgeable do you feel about COVID-19?

What we heard: Over 97% of respondents say they are “very knowledgeable” or “somewhat knowledgeable” about COVID-19.

What we’re doing: We asked this question simply to confirm our assumption that Happy Valley residents have a good handle on the basics of this global pandemic and it’s clear this is the case. Still, we’ve been sharing links to trusted information sources like the Centers for Diseases Control (CDC) as well as Oregon Health Authority (OHA) to ensure people have the most up to date information.

2. Where do you prefer to get your up-to-date information on COVID-19?

What we heard: The top two sources respondents indicated they look to for COVID-19 information were national news, cited by 60%, and Centers for Disease Control (CDC), cited by 56%. Local TV news was third at 41%.

What we’re doing: When the pandemic initially surfaced, we immediately created a COVID-19 Resident Resources page to share as much local information as possible and included the CDC as a quick link. We have continued to add to this comprehensive page as new information arises. Included, are links to the latest data that report on the number of cases from each county, orders and press release information from the Oregon Governor’s Office, a list of closures and changes to City facilities and functions, and links to local resources for health and recreation, businesses, and the Happy Valley Library. Oregon Health Authority has been an integral resource as well, so we have also listed this among our community resources on our COVID-19 information page.

3. Which, if any, have you done to be more prepared for COVID-19?

What we heard: Here are the top 5 responses.
1. Washed my hands more frequently, 91%
2. Not shaking hands or touching people in public places, 93%Kept space between myself and others while out, 90%
3. Stayed home more frequently, 90%
4. Avoided crowds, 85%
5. Stayed up to date on news for information on the virus, 83%

Sounds like the majority of the Happy Valley community is taking the pandemic seriously and making efforts to follow safety recommendations at this time.

What we’re doing: We recognize the community has a variety of views and thoughts related to how best to respond to COVID-19 and we acknowledge this may change as more information is reported. At this time, we are committed to sharing with the community information from trusted resources, such as the CDC, when it comes to health recommendations. We’ve also made effort to link to our county data to show exactly what the curve looks like in our area.

4. What are your household’s concerns right now regarding COVID-19?

What we heard: Here are the top 4 responses:
1. Members of my household becoming infected, 54%
2. The safety of my community as the pandemic continues, 53%
3. The emotional health of my household, 52%
4. Economic impact on my household, 47%

Clearly, respondents care about the well-being of the community and the affect this pandemic has had on their own households, both emotionally and economically.

What we’re doing: We are sharing information on our website about how to connect with resources related to unemployment, and mental health, as well as what you can do to prevent becoming infected. We are also sharing ways the community can help others as opportunities arise.

5. Which of these employment challenges are you or someone in your household facing (or likely to face) due to COVID-19?

What we heard: The top response, at 30%, was “Workplace closed for an extended period and working from home.” A close second, at 28%, was “No employment challenges encountered at this time.”
With this said, another 20% reported “Workplace closed and a loss in paycheck,” and 9% indicated “Childcare needs are not being met.”

What we’re doing: While it sounds like many respondents have been able to hang on to their jobs and have found ways to adapt to this new normal, there are some in our community who are definitely feeling the economic impact due to loss of income. On top of that, school and daycare closures are creating an impact as well. While the City cannot remedy this situation, we are making effort to keep the City’s COVID-19 informational page updated with helpful resources as we can.

6. What kind of information would help your household the most in preparing for COVID-19?

What we heard: The top answer, from 48% of respondents, was “The geographic areas that have higher outbreak rates.” The second top answer, at 46%, was “I feel like I have all the information I need at this time.” And third, at 25%, was “The current CDC recommendations for keeping my household safe.”

What we’re doing: The City website links to a helpful resource showing maps that highlight the statewide cases of COVID-19. Perhaps most helpful, based on community interest, is Oregon Health Authority’s weekly report which provides a thorough breakdown of cases. When it comes to what to do to keep your household safe, we’re directing residents to the Centers for Disease Control, which includes a variety of recommendations as to how best to protect yourself, your home, and even pets. The “Self-Checker” feature may also be helpful, which can be found on its What To Do If You Are Sick page.

7. What COVID-19 information would be most useful right now for the City of Happy Valley to provide to your household? See all answers

What we heard: This was an open ended question, to which we received 24 pages worth of responses. The majority of respondents indicated wanting know if there are local cases of COVID-19 and where to get tested. *Some of the other topics that emerged in this question surfaced again in a later question, so we addressed just the geographic and testing inquiry here.

What we’re doing: Oregon Health Authority is the lead agency when it comes to case tracking, so we have been referring residents to this website on our COVID-19 informational page. The Oregon Health Authority provides daily updates as well as a comprehensive weekly update that attempts to give as much detailed information as possible about local cases. As for where to get tested, Oregon Health Authority has some helpful information about this. In most cases, your healthcare provider will provide direction as to where to go as there is special pre-screening required.

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8. What actions have you taken to assist your community with potential impacts and/or risk of COVID-19?

What we heard: The most common response, at 86%, was “Stayed remotely connected with family and friends,” followed by “Stayed in my home except to take part in essential activities,” at 81%. Coming in third, 77% reported “Supporting small businesses.”

What we’re doing: We’re cheering on our amazing community! Based on some of the comments in the open ended questions, it is clear the Happy Valley community is really trying to follow recommendations and is making effort to contribute to the greater good. Our COVID-19 informational page also provides a subsection specifically geared toward supporting small businesses. It offers ways for residents to stay up-to-date on which businesses are open and ready to serve the community.

9. Do you have other ideas on how residents can help others in the community relating to COVID-19?

What we heard: This was an open-ended question, to which we received 15 pages worth of responses. Here, we saw lots of comments related to respondents’ hopes that the community would heed recommendations and stay home during the pandemic. Many also brought up concerns related to masks, with most advocating for their use when out in public. A fair number of respondents also expressed concern about the economy and need to reopen businesses and the State. Many also touched on wanting to know how they could donate to those in need.

What we’re doing: The City of Happy Valley is committed to following the Governor’s Executive Orders and following recommendations by the CDC. We will continue to share tips and resources from trusted sources on our COVID-19 informational page, as well as on Facebook, but we are also committed to refraining from inundating the community with repetitive information. It sounds like respondents feel like they are getting the information needed from reputable news. As for businesses and changes to group gathering limits, the City is communicating with other government officials at the local and state level in order to stay updated on what to expect as things begin to gradually reopen. We will always follow the Executive Orders of the Governor and will post more information about this as we obtain it. When it comes to how to help others, lots of neighborhoods are using Nextdoor to connect with residents who may need some help, so this might be a resource to look into if you haven’t already. There are some Happy Valley community pages on Facebook that might be helpful, too. The City will also continue to share volunteering and donation opportunities that arise through our community partners via our website and Facebook page.

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10. What community activities have you enjoyed seeing residents partake in?

What we heard: This was an open-ended question, to which we received 21 pages worth of responses. Most respondents indicated that they liked seeing the sidewalk chalk art, painted rocks, yard and window decorations, and various scavenger hunt games as options for the community to engage in. Many also commented that they particularly enjoyed the school parades and seeing residents get out and about to walk, jog, or bike, while a few stressed it is very important to stay home during this time and ensure social distancing is practiced. Some expressed curiosity about how graduation ceremonies and the City’s summer events will be affected.

What we’re doing: The City’s Community Services team, in conjunction with City Council, is committed to finding ways we can safely encourage community togetherness during the pandemic. The City launched the I SPY Scavenger Hunt and is looking at some other ideas to try as well, especially given the cancelation of our traditional summer events due to the Governor’s Orders related to large gatherings. We are also staying connected with North Clackamas School District to brainstorm ways we can be supportive of high school graduates and students in general, at this time.

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Thanks again for taking the time to communicate with us and completing this survey. As Mayor Tom Ellis indicated in one of his initial messages to the City,

“We will get through this and our community will emerge stronger for it. Happy Valley community is like no other. We are strong, we are compassionate, and we are united.”

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