June 29, 2022

Tell us what you think!
Data collection at Happy Valley All-Abilities Park

To provide meaningful experiences for your family, the local community, and beyond, Happy Valley Parks and Recreation is hopeful you will help provide some feedback about the All-Abilities Playground at Happy Valley Park.  As a National Demonstrate Site, this play area represents evidence-based practices in design and implementation and, as a result, is part of a larger data research network that serves to guide other projects looking to incorporate more inclusive playground features throughout the state and country.

You may have noticed a QR code on the main sign located at the All-Abilities Playground. This feature connects you to a brief five-minute survey about how your family utilizes the space and what you find most important. Your responses are extremely helpful in better understanding what aspects of the All-Abilities Park are found desirable as well as gaining insight into how the space is used.

Please consider completing the survey on your next visit or try accessing the QR code from the photo using your smartphone. Your feedback will help advance future recreation for kids and families!