Check out the City Tree!

2020 will mark the first time in over 10 years that the City of Happy Valley will not hold its traditional Tree Lighting Ceremony with the community. With this said, the City will still illuminate the City tree with festive lights and have it on display starting Dec. 6. While we are unable to celebrate in this tradition together, we do hope you have a chance to observe the tree as you pass City Hall.


With only a limited number to give out, unfortunately all Santa Packs are reserved. But don’t fret! Are your children interested in writing a letter to Santa?  We got you covered! Click here to download and print our special Santa Letter worksheet.

Even though Santa won’t be able to make an in-person visit with us this year, he let us know how excited he is to receive your special letters. In fact, he says this is one of his most favorite activities of the year! He’s issued us an official mailbox that we will install in front of City Hall. Once you are done writing your letter, just drop it off in the designated mailbox and on its way to the North Pole it will go! Santa let us know that he plans to write a response to each letter he receives, so be sure to follow all the directions on the worksheet, so he can successfully get his reply back to you. 


Santa’s mailbox will only be accepting letters between Dec. 7-Dec. 11, 8am – 5pm. The last bundle of mail to Santa will be picked up by 5pm on Friday, Dec. 11, so make sure you have all letters in by the deadline. Kids can expect to hear back from Santa the week of Dec. 21.  


Holiday Prize Packs
We know this is a special time of year and what better way to keep the festivities going than by adding a contest to the mix?
Here’s what to do:  As you are writing your Santa letters or completing your Santa Pack craft, snap a photo of yourself in action! Then, when you are mailing your Santa letter at the North Pole Substation at City Hall, capture the moment with another photo! Santa is new to social media and he told us he needs your help collecting pictures for his feed! Upload your photos to Instagram or Facebook and tag @CityofHappyValley along with #HVParksandRecHolidayFun. Santa, along with Mayor Ellis, will be on the lookout for your entries and will choose five (5) lucky winners to receive a Holiday Prize Pack that will include a variety of goodies!

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