October 31, 2017

“Leaf” your bad habits behind this fall – and follow these safety tips


Fall has arrived, and as the seasons change so should your driving habits. Wet roads, fallen leaves, foggy mornings, and fewer daylight hours can all be contributing factors to roadway accidents. It is critical that drivers adjust their behavior to account for these scenarios. Below are a few tips to keep the roads safer for everyone this fall.

Tips for travel

  • Make your vehicle more visible by driving with your headlights turned on. Most modern vehicles have lights that will automatically come on once the sun begins to set. Check your vehicle to see if this setting is an option.
  • Slow down. Drive a speed suitable for the conditions of the road. If you are traveling with too much speed, you may not make that corner or stop in time.
  • Give yourself extra time. When a person is running late to work, late to drop off the kids at school, late to the event, or late to the practice, the will often try to make up time and SPEED up. Don’t be that person.
  • If you are out on the road, walking or riding a bike, make sure you are visible. Protect yourself by wearing reflective gear and/or carrying a light of some kind. Although you may feel that you don’t need a light to see where you are going, reflectors and flashing LED lights on your body make your presence much more obvious to others.



Halloween is an event that many enjoy celebrating, but can also raise a variety of safety concerns. Here are few tips for keeping the evening all treats, no tricks.

Safe Costumes

When it comes time to select a costume, consider it’s safety. Selecting a costume that is short and wearing comfortable shoes will prevent trips and falls. Also, masks can hinder visibility. Choose make-up as a fun and safe alternative. Finally, accessories can be a distraction for little ones. Considering saving the swords and wands for the Halloween party, but leaving them at home when it comes time to hit the streets.

On the Road

The Halloween tradition of going door-to-door is still alive and well. Younger children should be accompanied by an adult and warn against crossing the street alone.

Require older kids to trick or treating with a group or buddy, never alone. Talk about the route they will be taking and set a time limit. Remind them not to take shortcuts through backyards, trails or playing fields, and to not enter the houses or cars of anyone without your permission.

Have kids carry a light and/or wear reflective material to ensure they can be seen. Remind children to only cross streets at crosswalks and street corners, not mid-block, and to NEVER assume a driver sees them.

Treat time

Save those treats for home. Candy should be inspected by an adult in a well-lit room before being eaten. Eat a snack before heading out, or if eating candy while out is part of your tradition, consider taking a few pieces of “pre-inspected” candy with you.

Fall is a great time to gather with family. Please keep these safety tips in mind as you rake leaves, bake pumpkin pie and enjoy the crisp fall air.  Happy Fall and I hope to see you at the Harvest Fest!


Take care and be safe.

Steve Campbell, Public Safety Director