June 30, 2020

Happy Valley adopted its zero-tolerance policy for illegal fireworks 11 years ago. A firm $1,000 citation will be issued on the spot if someone is found to be using illegal fireworks within City limits. Safety is by far our number one priority and officers will not be interested in excuses or reasons as to why residents are opting to use illegal fireworks. If you observe someone in the City to be lighting illegal fireworks, please report it. The potential for physical injury or property damage is just too great. We anticipate there will be more residents setting off their own fireworks this year given the cancellation of community displays across the state, but PLEASE, enjoy the holiday responsibly and be respectful of one another.

For immediate danger to life or property, or you witness the use in progress, please call 911. To report the use of illegal fireworks, but have no suspect information, please call non-emergency dispatch at 503-655-8211. You can also email us at fireworks@happyvalleyor.gov

City Buildings are closed to the public until further notice. More Information