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Audiobooks For Younger Listeners

By Anna B.
January 25, 2021

I love reading to my kids, but sometimes I need a break. And other times, they want the agency to listen to a story as many times as they want. Enter the audiobook! Depending on your devices, you have several options for having someone else read to your kid. These are also great to listen to in the car as you run errands or on long trips.

CDs Purchasing my kids their own CD players was some of the best $20 I’ve ever spent. Really. They get to pick what and when they listen and, best of all, no screen!

KITs (Book + CD) With hundreds of titles that include everything from picture books to nonfiction, early readers to favorite characters, there is so much listening to be had. Remember that little ding that tells you to turn the page? Yep, still works like that.

Audiobooks Looking for something a little longer? Check out our suggestions below for stories that are more than 15 minutes but still not too long for young listeners.

Downloadable Want something more on the go? These can be downloaded or viewed on different devices, including phones and tablets.scholastic bookflix

CloudLibrary and Libby The library offers two free services for downloading eBooks and eAudiobooks. You’ll need to change your limiters or filters to see only Audiobooks and from there can select your audience (Kids). CloudLibrary also offers Read Alouds, that work like a KIT, with text and narration.

Bookflix A new service, Bookflix pairs slightly animated stories with non-fiction texts for readaloud fun.

Have fun listening!


Click on the covers to go to our catalog and place a hold.


Join Anna and her family, who live in Africa, on everyday adventures.


Each volume features several stories following two dogs as they explore new cities around the world.


Yes, there are over 60 audiobook collections of Disney stories! Some are single longer listens, others include several short stories.


What’s a kid to do when he’s been made flat in a weird accident? Get mailed around the world and have adventures, of course!

A full cast brings the charming stories of Pooh Corner to life.

Confession: Whenever I need to destress, I read a Little Bear story – gentle, sweet, and just a little silly.


These are classic first chapters for a reason. A brother and sister find themselves on adventures through time thanks to a magic tree house.


Everyone’s favorite porcine wonder brings laughs and hijinks in her stories.

My kid listened to this one so much she can still quote extensive passages of the story! A dragon, a young kid, and three incredible adventures.

The original Pinkalicious stories read in one collection.