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Baking with Kids

By Anna B.
December 4, 2020

Math, science, art…baking has it all! Whether you’ve got a toddler or tween, it’s never too early to get in the kitchen and start baking together. Yes, there will be a mess, but it will be worth it! And there are some things you can do to minimize the potential wildness.

Be Prepared – First time baking together? Have things pre-measured. Kids can take turns adding ingredients to the batch. Bigger kids can help gather ingredients and tools.

Safety Talk – Germs happen when we bake, so take the time to wash hands together, give reminders about licking fingers, and being careful around tools. Just like other tools, baking tools are not toys and while they are fun, kids should give them respect and pay attention around them.

Take Turns – In our house, that means the grownup gets a turn too. Some jobs are grownup jobs and others aren’t. This is a good way to have those conversations.

Measure Up – Have bigger kids? Have them help with the measurements. To minimize potential miscalculations, have them scoop into a separate bowl to add to the mixture.

Start Simple – There are so many recipes to choose from! Start with something you all love that is easy to make. Waffles are a nice starter (lumps are okay!) and so is salt dough (since it won’t get eaten!).

Stop Whenever – It’s okay if attention doesn’t last! Recognize that they might be done and thank them for their help. Just like many other activities, your child will develop stamina over time.

Clean Up – Baking is one of my favorites, because while you’re waiting, you can clean up. Everyone can help clean up, whether it’s putting all the dirty dishes in the big bowl, wiping down the counter, or sweeping the floor.

Ready to bake? Check out some of these fun cookbooks and chapter books for ideas.


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