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Exploring Seasons: Autumn

By Anna B.
October 16, 2020

Each season brings a special opportunity to explore and discover the world around us. As someone who grew up in a place with mostly one season (ah, Louisiana, the land of muggy and hot, and muggier and hotter), the beautiful relief and joy of autumn is something to celebrate! Here are some of our suggestions for exploring the season with your kiddos.

SCAVENGER HUNT Take a walk outside to engage almost all the senses (we’ll skip the tasting part for now!). Use this scavenger hunt checklist or create your own. Try it in your neighborhood and then in a park. Which things were easier to find where? What can you see when you slow down?

GET CRAFTY Collect some leaves. Use artists like Lois Ehlert or Juana Medina for ideas of how to take everyday objects and transform them into different pictures.

CURATE A COLLECTION Each season offers a bounty of found objects. Designate a container as a place for your treasures. Remember to collect thoughtfully and respectfully. At the end of the season, which items do you want to keep? What others are you ready to part with? Empty your container and start again.

GET SCIENTIFIC Kids are natural scientist. What are some questions you can ask? Why do leaves change color? Why are there so many squirrels running around? What changes do you notice? Science is not only experiments; it’s also the process of noticing and observing the world around us.

READ! Find out more! Autumn books are often checked out, but some of our favorites are worth the wait. Click on the covers to go to our catalog and place a hold.