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Exploring Seasons: Spring

By Anna B.
March 1, 2021

Yay, spring! After the cold, rainy months, the blue skies, warmer temps, and growing things sure do seem exciting. Have fun exploring this new season with your kiddo. Here are our ideas for having some springtime fun.

SCAVENGER HUNT¬†Take a walk outside to engage almost all the senses (we’ll skip the tasting part for now!). Use this scavenger hunt checklist or create your own. Try it in your neighborhood and then in a park. Which things were easier to find where? What can you see when you slow down?

GET CRAFTY Grab some paper and drawing supplies for some sketching! Find a good spot to notice the changes happening around you. What can you draw? Return to the same spot in a few weeks. What has changed? What is the same?

FIND SOME COLORS How many different colors can you see? There are so many shades of green in spring time! How would you describe them? Can you do a color walk and notice the different shades of color?

GET SCIENTIFIC¬†Kids are natural scientists. What are some questions you can ask? Try an experiment with seeds. You can sprout a lot of things that we eat. Keep seeds from bell peppers, tomatoes, and oranges. Which ones grow easily? Which ones don’t? Do any of the seeds in your dry foods spout? Try beans, lentils, and chia to see what happens.

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