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Exploring Seasons: Winter

By Anna B.
January 7, 2021

January and February can feel like such long, cold months, but there’s joy and excitement in the season of winter! Here are some of our ideas for finding the fun in freezing cold. So wrap up in warm clothes and head outside to explore the wonderfully, often rainy, season of winter in Oregon!

SCAVENGER HUNT¬†Take a walk outside to engage almost all the senses (we’ll skip the tasting part for now!). Use this scavenger hunt checklist or create your own. Try it in your neighborhood and then in a park. Which things were easier to find where? What can you see when you slow down?

GET CRAFTY In winter some trees lose their bark, needles, pinecones, and twigs. What can you create with these materials?

FIND SOME COLORS Yes, most things are grey and brown in winter, but you might be surprised to see some other colors pop up in the natural world when everything else is drab. What colors can you find?

GET SCIENTIFIC Kids are natural scientist. What are some questions you can ask? Try an experiment with ice Рwhat can you do to slow down or speed up how quickly something melts?

READ! Find out more! Check out some of these titles from the library for more exploring. Click on the covers to go to our catalog and place a hold.

With real pictures, this title inspires exploring the season wherever you are.

A collection of poems that explore the natural world in winter.

On each page, the reader can hold the book up to the light to “see” through to the hidden picture beneath.

Rest is important, even for animals and plants!

Facts and fun about the winter season.

A fun story about enjoying winter, even at its coldest.

Where do insects go when the weather gets cold?

Get ready to dance, dance, dance with Caspar Babypants!