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Helping Kids Become Web Smart

By Anna B.
June 4, 2021

I have been amazed at how tech savvy my kids have become in the last year. Easily navigating tabs, taking screen shots, uploading their work, it’s easy to think they are completely proficient at being online. But understanding the technical aspects of being online is not the same as being discerning consumers, able to parse through the onslaught of information and separate fact from opinion, expert from enthusiast.

So how do we help our kids (and face it, ourselves!) become more web smart? Try out some of these family guides that help kids learn more about becoming information literacy experts. In addition, kids can take their first steps as informed citizens with these kid-focused news sites. All of these resources are great to explore as a family, sharing with your child the importance of being knowledgeable, perceptive web users.

Info Literacy Web Guides


From Google, this family guide leads families through exercises to become more informed web users.


They’ve done the research and have created educator lessons, divided by grade, for K through 12th.


This non-profit aims to get everyone news literate. We really appreciate their guides and easy to use graphics for analyzing information.

News For Kids Sites


This short daily podcast gives kids the highlights of what’s newsworthy.

News For Kids

My kids love perusing this, especially because it looks like a traditional newspaper, but with extra maps, links to more information and more.

Time For Kids

This print staple has a fantastic kid-friendly site, with in-depth articles on all the important happenings.