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Let’s Laugh!

By Isaac F.
February 13, 2021

Why do we love funny books? Because it feels good to laugh. When I’m reading a book that makes me crack up uncontrollably (I’m looking at you, Catwad!) I feel a kind of inner peace afterward, a happy glow that stays with me for awhile. Part of the joy of humor is the excitement of making connections, that moment when you get the joke. It’s actually a bit like learning, only more fun. So here are some great go-to titles and series for giving you the giggles, from picture books and early readers up through Upper Elementary chapter books, along with detours through the world of funny comics (or should we call them comical comics?) and kids’ joke books (you’re welcome). Click on any book cover to go to our online catalog so you can place a hold. Scroll down past the book covers to watch some of our Kid Joke videos, then scroll further to find links to some articles I dug up that explore children, humor, learning, and why it is that we like to laugh.

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Picture Books and Early Readers
Chapter Books for Lower Grades
DETOUR! Comics Time
Chapter Books for Upper Elementary
More Funny Stuff

When I was looking for something online to justify my love of Catwad, I found this article on npr.org by Juanita Giles, “Why Grouchy, Rude ‘Catwad’ is Catnip to Kids.” It does a great job explaining some of the nuances of a child’s developing sense of humor.

Want help understanding Kid Jokes? This article from the Atlantic by Ashley Fetters, “Knock Knock. Who’s There? Kids. Kids Who? Kids Who Tell Terrible Jokes,” will entertain you as she explores some of the research in language development and jokes.

What’s better than a huge booklist of funny books for kids? Two huge booklists of funny books for kids! Common Sense Media has put together lots more titles for you to enjoy. Click here to check it out.