By Isaac F.
November 23, 2020

Why do we find dinosaurs so fascinating? We love to learn their names, look at pictures of how we imagine they looked, and daydream about that time in the deep past when dinosaurs ruled the earth. Maybe it’s something about paleontologists’ treasure hunt for fossils, or the way our ideas about the dinosaurs keep changing as people make new discoveries and come up with better theories. Maybe it’s just because some of them are so big, or because they have such scary teeth. Whatever the reason, many people love to learn about dinosaurs. The internet is just loaded with dinosaur websites, and it can be hard to find the good ones mixed in with all the rest. What makes a website good? I think a good website should be fun and easy to use, but also have reliable facts and information. Librarians love looking for such sites, so here are some dinosaur ones for you to explore. Enjoy!

Dinosaur Science, Facts, and Fun


Games, stories, facts, videos, project ideas… Oh, and there’s an amazing T-Rex roar mixer where you create your perfect tyrannosaurus roar by blending the calls of other animals!

DK Findout! Dinosaurs

The people at DK are so great at pictures with lots of labels. From Allosaurus to Velociraptor, you’ll have lots of dinosaur facts to dig into here!

dinosaur database
Dinosaur Directory

Facts and images for 1,365 dinosaurs are here for you to explore. I especially like the “random dinosaur” feature – my dino of the day today is… “Pedopenna!”

Let’s Learn About Dinosaur Extinction

What really happened to the dinosaurs, anyway? Why can’t I see a diplodocus out my window? Science News for Students answers this question for me with clarity and a lot of great vocabulary words!

Dinosaur Activities from the UK Natural History Museum

Dinosaur origami, dinosaur cookies, how to draw a dinosaur… Thank you, Natural History Museum!

Watch, Listen, and Learn

SciShow Kids: 5 Things You Should Know About Dinosaurs

What do you know about dinosaurs? Do you think you know the five most important things? Watch this 18 minute video from the smart people at SciShow Kids and find out.

Science Trek

Not just one video, this is a collection of 15! Start with the first one, “Dinosaur Basics.” Also check out the tabs toward the top of the page – there are some great links and online games for you to dig into.

Dino Road trip

These short fun episodes from National Geographic have really incredible animation – it makes you feel like you’re watching actual video footage!

Fossils for Kids

How do we know what we know about dinosaurs? A lot of it comes from fossils! What do you know about fossils? Less than you will after watching this 10 minute video!

t is for terrible by peter mccarty
T is for Terrible on Bookflix

This is available through the Scholastic Bookflix service that you can access using your library card number and pin. Once you follow this link to the Bookflix login page and enter your numbers, just search “T is for Terrible” and you’ll be sure to find it!