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Let’s Learn About: Germs

By Anna B.
September 18, 2020

Are germs and microbes the same thing? Is a microorganism alive? Can they be seen without a microscope? The world of microscopic creatures is all around us, hanging out in our gut, on doorknobs, in ponds…pretty much everywhere. Here’s our guide to the world of microorganisms, including websites, databases, and search terms to use to find library books to dig deeper.


You are your microbes

From the TED ED collection, this short animated video introduces the microbes hanging out in you.

Journey to the Microcomsos

Author Hank Green narrates this very close up look at the small creatures and their interactions with us and each other. Amazing imagery, but definitely an in depth view for the more avid science explorer.


What is Microbiology?

From the American Museum of Natural History, this kid-friendly site combines videos, games, and hands-on activities to explain microbiology.

MICROBES: the Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

The University of Arizona presents an overview of the microbes at work in our system, told through a comic-style story, with plenty of research and a nod to modern technology.

Science News for Students: Microbes

Microbes in the news?! You bet! Whether you want to know about a living concrete that eats greenhouse gas or see pictures of the bacteria on your tongue, this site has news stories all about microbes. Dig in!

Library Resources

Search Terms

Looking for books to put on hold? Try one of these search terms, limited by Children’s in our library catalog. Yes, all three get you different books! TIP: When searching, give different terms a try to capture as many different results as you can.

Germs / Microbes / Microorganisms

Gale Kids Info Bits

This database offers a collection of magazines, news articles, videos, and more in a searchable form. Look for topics pages to delve deeper. TIP: Try more specific terms like “bacteria” or “virus” to have more successful results.

Note: Because this is a resource purchased through the library, you will need to use your library card number to access it.


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