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Rocks and Minerals

By Anna B.
February 18, 2021

I’m pretty sure every kid goes through a rocks and minerals phase. Simple walks around the neighborhood turn into searches for crystals and quartz. Living in Oregon we are part of a rich geological history. Not all states can boast a state rock (hello, thunderegg!) along with federal lands that actually invite rock hunting.

Here’s our webliography of resources for learning more about rocks and minerals, along with a link to our catalog to find more books for exploring. Happy rock hunting!

ROCK Science, Facts, and Fun

DK FindOut: Rocks And Minerals

DK takes their amazing guides to an online format for easy researching for kids. Information is broken into different sections and includes a quiz.

Science Trek

Developed by the PBS station in Idaho, these short videos offer kids a great place to dig into the topic.


The creators at SciShow Kids have several videos to choose from about rocks, minerals, and geology.

Books to Check Out

Looking for books to check out? There’s a lot to choose from!


Central Oregon Rockhounding

Central Oregon isĀ the place for rockhounding. Find out more about the sites open to rock fans and what they might find there.

Rice Museum of Rocks & Minerals

The physical museum in Hillsboro might be closed, but they have opened up a virtual space, including up close pictures of their collection.

FOSSILS, Minerals, and Gems

The State of Oregon has its own Geology Department, great for those wanting a deep-dive into the fascinating history and culture of Oregon’s rocks.