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Let’s Make a Simple Box Puppet!

By Isaac F.
June 29, 2020


I’m always impressed with how lively some people get once there’s a puppet on their hand. If you’re like that, or if you want to find out if you’re like that, here’s a painless way to turn your recycling into your friend.

What you’ll need:
  • an empty box
  • scissors
  • glue or a glue stick
  • scrap paper
  • a pen
What you’ll do:

view of the box cut on three sides

Cut your box on three sides, about halfway down. Be careful making that first cut! If you’re a kid, ask a grown up for some help with this. Leave the front (or back) of your box intact. Once you’re finished, the box should flop over in half like a hinge. You can bend it a little, but your puppet will work better if you leave it a little springy.

hand positioned inside the box puppet

Put your hand inside the open part of the box, with your fingers in one half and your thumb in the other. Say hello to your box puppet! What do they have to say to you? Many box puppets just like to chomp things at first. Be careful they don’t chomp at anyone who doesn’t want to be chomped at!

view of box puppet from the front

You have now made the simplest of box puppets and are welcome to stop here. But I personally like to at least add some eyes. It can really help you discover your puppet’s personality. So get that scrap paper, cut out two circles, draw some eye pupils, and glue them onto the front of the box puppet, just above the line of the mouth. At least, that’s where I like to put the eyes. I bet you might come up with some other places to attach them.

Once you’ve gotten to know your box puppet, you could decorate it some more. Maybe some yarn hair? A sparkly paper crown? Some floppy paper wings?

If you make a puppet and want to share, I’d love to see it! Just send a pic to [email protected]