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LGBTQ+ Chapter Books

By Lisa T.
June 21, 2022

Here’s a selection of recent chapter books that feature LGBTQ+ kids, parents, and communities.  We welcome rainbow families in our library and represent them in our collections!  We have books for gender nonconforming kids, queer comics for all ages, books to support questioning kids and teens, and more. Please let us know if we can find some just right books for you!

In the Key of Us by Mariama J. Lockington

Brought together during summer music camp where they are the only two Black girls, Andi and Zora slowly begin to connect and soon come to realize what has been missing from their lives.

The Insiders by Mark Osiro

Twelve-year-old Héctor Muñoz, fleeing from bullies, discovers a magical closet that not only provides him sanctuary, but also unites him with two other kids facing similar problems at their own schools, helping them find friendship and strength in each other.

Different Kinds of Fruit by Kyle Lukoff

When Annabelle learns that her father shares something big–and surprising–in common with her new nonbinary friend, she begins to see herself, and her family, in a whole new light.

This is our Rainbow: 16 Stories of her, him, them, and us edited by Katherine, Locke.

The first LGBTQA+ anthology for middle-graders featuring stories for every letter of the acronym, including realistic, fantasy, and sci-fi stories.

Answers in the Pages by David Levithan

When Donovan’s mother rallies other parents to pull the book he’s reading from the district curriculum, Donovan is caught in the middle.

Zachary Ying and the Dragon Emperor by Xiran Jay Zhao

After his augmented reality gaming headset is possessed by the spirit of the First Emperor of China, twelve-year-old Chinese American Zack Ying is compelled to travel across China to steal an ancient artifact, fight figures from Chinese history and myth,and seal a portal to prevent malicious spirits from destroying the human realm

Too Bright to See by Kyle Lukoff

In the summer before middle school, eleven-year-old Bug must contend with best friend Moira suddenly caring about clothes and boys; a ghost haunting their eerie old house; and the truth about their own gender identity.

The Language of Seabirds by Will Taylor

While staying with his dad and uncle in a seaside cabin in Oregon, Jeremy meets and forms a friendship with local boy Evan that turns into something neither boy expected, but something they both wished for.

The Best at It by Maulik Pancholy

Twelve-year-old Rahul Kapoor, an Indian-American boy growing up in small-town Indiana, struggles to come to terms with his identity, including that he may be gay.

Alice Austen Lived Here by Alex Gino

Entering his town’s contest for a new statue, nonbinary Sam delves into the history of his subject, photographer Alice Austen, and discovers a rich queer history that they are part of—one they must stand up for.

Melissa by Alex Gino

Knowing herself to be a girl despite her outwardly male appearance, George is denied a female role in the class play before teaming up with a friend to reveal her true self.

Zenobia July by Lisa Bunker

Zenobia July, an excellent coder and hacker, investigates a mystery while wrestling with the challenges of a new school, a new family, and presenting her true gender for the first time.

King and the Dragonflies by Kacen Callender

A 12-year-old boy spends days in the mystical Louisiana bayou to come to terms with a sibling’s sudden death, his grief-stricken family and the disappearance of his former best friend amid whispers about the latter’s sexual orientation.

Redwood & Ponytail by K.A. Holt

Told in verse in two voices, with a chorus of fellow students, this is a story of two girls, opposites in many ways, who are drawn to each other.

Ellen Outside the Lines by AJ Sass

Ellen, a neuro-divergent thirteen-year-old, navigates a new city, shifting friendships, a growing crush, and her queer and Jewish identities while on a class trip to Barcelona, Spain.

Hazel’s Theory of Evolution by Lisa Jenn Bigelow

Hazel knows a lot about the world but feels insecure dealing with the changes in her life as she enters eighth grade.

Looking for more LGBTQIA+ books?

For younger readers, visit our blog post, LGBTQ+ Picture Books.

Check out the Stonewall Book Awards.

Hankering for a particular genre, say realistic novels featuring queer protagonists of color, or fantasies featuring nonbinary characters, or perhaps heartwarming stories featuring kids with gay parents, we can do that! Ask a librarian — we are here for you!  And, let us know if you know of a new title you think should be included on this list.