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Local Parent Support

By Anna B.
July 24, 2020

Parenting can be really hard. And with so much uncertainty and isolation, finding support can really make a difference. Fortunately, there are several local groups offering parenting classes, support groups, and other services for Clackamas County families. Many of these are groups that have partnered with our library to reach families in the past. Like the library, they have moved their services to a virtual platform to maintain a connection even through building closures and other interruptions.

Have other ideas of good supports? Be sure to let us know in the comments!

Clackamas Parenting Together

This group acts as a hub for services across organizations. In the last few months their online presence, especially on their Facebook page, has been a great link to various parent supports including webinars, support groups, and more.

Ready, Set, Go

When our building was open, we loved our regular visits from this community, family based preschool. They are still going strong with weekly meet ups with their families. Ready, Set, Go seeks to empower families to be ready for Kindergarten with social, emotion, and early literacy skills. Plus Siobhan and Vitzah are super nice!


Have a new baby? Talk about magical, wonderful, and overwhelming! Healthy Families provides one-on-one support, along with baby groups. Their Baby Link is a quick call that connects you with the services you need.


Is your family going through changes, like divorce or separation? The county offers virtual classes to help with this transition.

211 INFO

Need other help? The search options for 211 will connect you with local resources available to you. Just enter your zipcode and do a keyword search.  With options like helplines,  parenting skills, and new dad support, you have lots of opportunities to find the resources you need.