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Podcasts for Kids

By Anna
April 21, 2020

Reading out loud is great, but sometimes it’s nice as the grownup to have a break and listen too! Podcasts can be completely overwhelming, but once you’ve found ones you like it’s great to have new episodes queued up and ready to go! Here’s some of my current favorites for sharing with my kids.

Wow in the World

Like an old-fashioned radio program, Mindy and Guy Raz explore different scientific studies, from wombat poop to non-melty ice cream, complete with sound effects and wacky antics. At the end of each show, kids share their own “wow” facts about our amazing world.

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls

Now in its third season, Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls brings the bestselling book to listeners. Amazing women narrate the stories of other amazing women, from the well known to the lesser, but definitely should be, known. These short episodes pack an amazing amount of storytelling just right for young listeners.

Smash Boom Best

From the creator of Brains On (also an amazing podcast for kids!) comes the ultimate debate show for families. Which is better? Pizza or tacos? Unicorns versus dragons? Debaters use facts and persuasion to fight for their cause. It might lead to some awesome debating of your own!

The Big Fib

Formerly known as Pants on Fire, this podcast (now picked up by Disney for a new show!) invites a kid to grill two possible experts on a subject. Their mission? Discover which one of them is the liar through a series of questions. Timely, hilarious and educational, this is great for all ages.