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Time for Comics!

By Isaac F.
April 21, 2020

Hey kids! Do you miss coming into the library to check out what’s new in the comics section? I know I do. Comics are one of the most popular items in the library, but they’re a little harder to get your hands on while the library’s closed. Lucky for you, I’ve been digging around online looking for great webcomics to share. Here are a few titles to get you started. When I find some more, I’ll let you know!

Cucumber Quest by gigi d.g.

You may have seen these books in the library- did you know they started out as webcomics? The adventures of a couple of bunny kids in a world of magic and danger- it’s comic book perfection. You can read it starting here: cucumber.gigidigi.com

The Tea Dragon Society by Katie O’Neill

If you haven’t read about the world of mysterious tea dragons and their keepers, now’s a good time to start! Go to teadragonsociety.com and click “Begin Reading.”

Tiny Titans

They’re the cutest superheroes around! While this one isn’t a true webcomic, it is a comic you can read online, and I know a lot of you love the Tiny Titans. What’s not to love? Go to dckids.com and click “COMICS.” You’ll see there are also free-to-read Batman, Supergirl, and Teen Titans Go! comics for you to explore. Enjoy!