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Virtual Trip Adventures

By Anna
May 22, 2020

With actual trips taking a bit of a hiatus, it’s a great time to go on world travel from the comfort of your home. Grab a globe or a map, your imagination and your computer to craft an amazing adventure for your family. These resources are fantastic for planning your virtual trips.

Are We There Yet?

From National Geographic Kids, these 7 minute videos are excellent introductions to our world. Each episode features two kiddos as they share an experience from around the world. Since these are quick, your kids might have follow up questions about some of the things they saw. Jot these down and explore some more!

Air Pano

From the Sahara Desert to the forests of Lapland, these beautifully shot videos allow you to zoom in and out of some amazing locales. There’s an even larger selection of individual photos. Easy to search, this is a great place for zooming in and out of incredible places.

Google Arts and Culture

Museums can be some of the highlights of a trip, showcasing amazing collections of artwork and artifacts. Google offers guided tours, scavenger hunts, upclose looks at masterpieces and even walking tours of outdoor spaces (think Machu Picchu and the Colosseum in Rome!).

Atlas Obscura

Delve into the world of the extraordinary with a group of enthusiastic explorers and guides. Their interactive map and searchable site allow virtual travelers of all ages a peek into the fascinating, mysterious and wondrous world.