Virtual Trip: Outer Space

By Anna B.
June 26, 2020

It orbits around the Earth every 90 minutes and has for the last 20+ years! The International Space Station acts as a home, research facility and exploration tool for many countries. Here are some of resources to start your own adventure to the great unknown.

Tour of the International Space Station

Expedition 33 Commander Suni Williams leads a personal tour through the ISS. Find out how astronauts sleep, eat, and go to the bathroom (spoiler: it’s complicated). She zooms through the space craft, sharing glimpses into their work, play and even their exercise. The videos are fun, educational, and inspiring.


With content for kids of all ages, NASA invites kids to explore outer space through videos, games, and other STEM related content. Organized by Zones, kids can dig into topics of interest from experts in the field.

Story Time From Space

Astronauts share picture books and chapter books, while floating in outer space! Featuring different astronauts, multiple languages and engaging stories, each book transports the reader for an out-of-this-world listening experience.

Best Year in Space Photos

In addition to science experiments, space walks, and data collecting, astronaut Scott Kelly also took photos from outer space. This collection highlights the beauty of both outer space and Earth, with details to spark conversation and awe.