Books & Beyond


By Anna B.
July 17, 2020

When I first mentioned weeding books to my kids, they laughed at me! It definitely sounded like something we do in the garden, but the same theory applies to books. Periodically weeding your books can help to assess what you have, what you need, and what you can get rid of.

Parting with the things, especially books, is never easy. Here are some tips on how to go through your book collection with your kids.

HAVE A PLAN My kids are more likely to part with something if they know it is going to a friend. We talk about how will get the books they are too big for. Then it becomes a gift not a chore.

If you have them, grab some boxes for recycling and donation/regifting.



Some books are done and don’t require much thought. Anything with a broken spine, missing pages, water damage, and sticky pages is ready to be recycled. Make note of the ones you might want to reorder and treat yourself to a fresh, clean copy.

Pull out each book. Does it “belong” to a particular person? Do they care for it, revisit it, or have sentimental attachment? Have they grown “too big” for it? These are great items to share with someone younger.


When you were sorting you probably noticed some patterns. Books for browsing, chapter books, picture books you all share. Figure out where they will live. Notice if you are missing a book in a series and might want to order it.


One of the best reasons to go through your books is to find those gems you forgot about. Put books that haven’t been enjoyed yet separately. Sometimes we’re in the mood to revisit favorites, other times we want a new story. You’ll be sure to enjoy your collection once it’s fresh, neat, and ready for reading!