January 17, 2023

Every two years in January, the City holds a swearing in ceremony for newly (re)elected members and selects a Council President.

Tonight, Honorable Judge Blake presided over the swearing-in ceremony for re-elected Mayor Tom Ellis and re-elected Councilor Brett Sherman. Additionally, the City was pleased to welcome Justice Adrienne C. Nelson to administer the oath of office for newly elected Councilor Joshua Callahan. It was a joyous occasion that allowed each of them to thank their friends, family, and other supporters for the hard work during the campaign. At the same time, it was a serious moment as they pledged to uphold and defend laws and represent all residents of Happy Valley to the best of their ability. The City Council also unanimously selected David Emami to serve as Council President. In practice, the Council President presides over meetings and events when the Mayor is absent.

The year ahead will be full of big decisions regarding the future of Happy Valley. The City Council is in place and ready to tackle the tough issues.

Want to learn more about City Council? Check out happyvalleyor.gov/city-council for more information.