Mayor’s Message – If I Were Mayor Contest

When I think of the things that warm my heart most, it’s children. Occasionally, the City Council and I are faced with solving divisive issues. However, there is one thing that unites us all – our passion for supporting youth in our community.

Each year, the Oregon Mayor’s Association holds a contest for school-aged children called “If I were Mayor.” In partnership with our schools, students create posters, write essays, and submit multimedia projects detailing what they would do if they were mayor. Not only is this an opportunity to help educate our youth in local government and the responsibilities of the mayor, it provides an avenue for the City Council to hear from important constituents.

This year, I’m so proud of the student participants! We received 144 posters from elementary school students and 48 essays from middle school students.
Last month, I had the honor of congratulating our two winners at a City Council meeting.

In the poster category for elementary school, the City Council and I selected Natalie Charyak, a fifth grader attending Scouters Mountain Elementary School. Natalie’s poster not only displayed she has a good handle on current challenges for the city, like traffic concerns, but included innovative ideas like a shuttle service to help get children to their afterschool activities and lessons. Her poster also included a very impressive rendering of City Hall. Those qualities and the effort she clearly put into the project are what made her entry stand out from the 144 posters we received from local 4th and 5th grade students.

In the essay category, the winner is Kambrie Hawkins, a sixth grader from Rock Creek Middle School. Kambrie’s essay was articulate, showed integrity, and also shared a bit of her personality. Her clear understanding of what it takes to be a leader and be the voice of a community are what made her essay stand out from the 48 essays we received from local middle schoolers.

As recognition for their achievement, Natalie and Kambrie each received a $100 gift card. They will also have a chance to compete with students across the State of Oregon for a chance to win an iPad. In recognition of the classes that submitted the most posters, I will also be attending a pizza party with Tom Souter’s and Leasa Wiebke’s classes at Scouters Mountain Elementary.

Please join me in congratulating Natalie Charyak and Kambrie Hawkins!