“If I Were Mayor, I Would…” Contest 2021-2022

Local students recognized by Happy Valley City Council

At the June 7 City Council meeting, Brynn Walter and Grover Nickel were recognized for their winning submissions in the 2022 “If I Were Mayor” contest. Sponsored by the Oregon Mayors Association, the contest encourages youth to take a closer look at their community and describe what they would do if they could be mayor.

In the Poster Category

The winner was Brynn Walter, a fifth grader attending Scouters Mountain Elementary. If Brynn were Mayor of Happy Valley, she would find ways to promote recreational programs and facilities and encourage community activities rooted in nature.

In the Essay Category

The winner was Grover Nickel, a sixth grader who is home schooled. If Grover were Mayor of Happy Valley, he would focus on bringing community together via a variety of events aimed at social connectivity, recreation, and health.