May 6, 2024

Let’s keep the momentum going!

At a special fundraising event last week, the Friends of the Library presented Mayor Tom Ellis with a generous donation of $10,000 and the Rotary Club of Clackamas Foundation gave an incredible $30,000, all to help bring new furnishings and art enhancements to the Happy Valley Library’s new addition, which is slated to be completed later this Fall.

The City of Happy Valley and the Library staff are immensely grateful to the Friends of the Library and the Rotary Club of Clackamas Foundation for these impactful gifts. These two organizations have demonstrated their commitment to increasing opportunities for connecting and learning in our community through their support of the Library expansion project.

As the new addition becomes a reality, you too have a special opportunity to be part of its history. For those who generously donate to this initiative, the City and Happy Valley Library will ensure your contribution is recognized as we believe it important to showcase the collective support it will take to make this possible. To this end, your gift will be celebrated as part of the Happy Valley Library’s legacy.

For all the details about this campaign please head to www.happyvalleyor.gov/library-expansion.

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