March 23, 2022

Scouters Mountain 5th grader, Jayden Alvarado, made a special trip to City Hall today to meet Mayor Tom Ellis and take a tour of the municipal building. A vivacious self-starter, Alvarado was hopeful he could learn more about the City and the role of mayor, so he vocalized to his parents his interest in getting more involved. That led to an inquiry with the City for a chance to connect. Mayor Ellis invited Alvarado for a meeting and even let the student give his office chair a spin. The two chatted, with Alvarado asking questions about the Mayor’s thoughts on the future of Happy Valley while his parents beamed proudly.

Today’s visit from Alvarado is a reminder that many of our City’s youth are passionate about Happy Valley and are curious about how they too can get involved and make a difference. In Happy Valley, we truly believe that by investing in opportunities for youth and listening to their ideas, the City can learn a lot and help instill an ongoing interest in the community.

Thanks for stopping by Jayden. We know great things are in your future!