April 2, 2018

Construction is currently underway on a new roundabout within Happy Valley’s city limits, located at 145th/147th Ave and Scouters Mountain Road.

Building a roundabout is a large project and the construction of this project is expected to continue until early summer. During this time, traffic movement will primarily be directed under flagging. Because of the use of heavy equipment and grade differences (drop-offs), there will be a 9-day road closure toward the end of April.  This closure ensures better site safety for workers and travelers as well as significantly shortening the construction time. During the closure, a detour will be in place directing north-south traffic to use 122/129th.

As a “gateway” to the “bowl” of Happy Valley, a roundabout was chosen for this site due to its effectiveness as a traffic control device while also being an attractive addition to the area.

Roundabouts have gained popularity and support in recent years. Not only do they facilitate traffic flow and increase road capacity, but studies show they are safer than a traditional stop sign or traffic-signal-controlled intersection. This site is sure to become an instant Happy Valley landmark. The design includes pedestrian crosswalks, landscaping, and a public art display dedicated to the history and nature of the community.

We understand that during this process many will be inconvenienced, and we thank you in advance for your patience. We have worked diligently to reduce the impact to residents where possible and to create a final product that our residents will be proud to have in our community.

If you should have questions regarding the roundabout, please contact Sally Curran, P.E. (Civil Engineer) at 503-783-3800 or sallyc@happyvalleyor.gov.