New Year Message from the Mayor 2020

January brings the beginning of a new year and decade for Happy Valley and I am excited for what’s to come.

With the support of City Council and our amazing team of dedicated staff members, the City made many strides in 2019 that will lead to investments in infrastructure, improve livability, and create the groundwork for future happenings. In the past year, the City successfully launched or completed a myriad of projects that are worthy of highlighting. These activities include:

  • Established funding for future investments in transportation infrastructure, parks, housing opportunities, and a       downtown through a tool called Urban Renewal.
  • Broke ground with the Superblock Sidewalk Project that will create contiguous sidewalks linking sections of Ridgecrest   and 132nd and King Road and 147th, establishing better traffic flow and safer means to traverse this area by foot and bike.
  • Established a new community tradition with an annual Oktoberfest, a family centric festival that joined forces with our   City’s beloved Harvest Fest gathering.
  • Partnered with Rotary of Clackamas to fund and build an All Abilities Park, an inclusive play area that all kids can enjoy   regardless of ability, age, or social status.
  • Approved a settlement agreement with Clackamas County and the North Clackamas Parks and Recreation District   (NCPRD) to resolve a two-year legal dispute over parks and recreation services.
  • Supported the passage of the City Police Levy which will increase the number of dedicated police officers keeping Happy   Valley safe.
  • Continued community discussions that will help shape the future of the Pleasant Valley/North Carver Comprehensive   Plan.
  • Improved the durability and appearance of City streets through projects like Slurry Seal and paving.

This list represents just some of the work the City has undertaken this past year. There have been numerous other projects carried out that the staff at City Hall, Public Works, and the Library have all contributed to or helped complete. Not only have the City staff made significant progress on the City Council’s priorities, they continue to provide high quality customer service while processing a record number of requests from residents in the community. This team is hard at work throughout the year, often working after hours and coming in early to prepare for community events. They spend countless hours talking to residents, listening to concerns, and finding ways to meet the needs of our community. It’s truly the quality of their work, not just in the quantity, that impresses me most. This team is passionate about what they do and enjoys helping those they serve.

I am committed to working with City Council to continue our efforts in the new year. Together, we are excited to keep the momentum going when it comes projects and events in the works. I am also very committed to working with residents. I believe residents provide a wealth of ideas and perspective, and working in collaboration with the community is a major priority for me and the Council as this year moves forward. Happy Valley is a wonderful community because of the contributions of everyone who lives and works here and I am very proud to represent this city we call home.

As I look ahead to this exciting year, it’s my hope for all residents, that 2020 is ultimately filled with opportunity and joy, and that we can celebrate another year together in this beautiful city.

Thank you and Happy New Year!

-Mayor Tom Ellis