June 20, 2022

Pavement maintenance projects slated for Happy Valley

Summer is here and that means some pavement maintenance projects are on the way.

The City of Happy Valley has close to 170 lane miles of roadway which totals to a value of almost $50 million dollars. This asset happens to be the largest asset owned and operated by the City of Happy Valley.  It goes without saying that keeping these streets in good condition is very important. Not only for the safety of the traveling public but also from an infrastructure investment and maintenance standpoint. There are three phases to the season’s upcoming projects, with the following tentative schedule:

Crack Seal treatment: 6/22-6/27

Tree Trimming: 7/20-7/28

Slurry Seal treatment: 8/10-8/16

*Dates subject to change in event of inclement weather.

Residents of affected streets will be notified of any upcoming work and any impacts these projects will cause to travel. For more information, including maps of identified treatment areas and pertinent contact information, head to Pavement Management Program | City of Happy Valley (happyvalleyor.gov)