Planning Division Mission

  • To provide professional advice and technical expertise to elected officials, appointed boards and commissions, city departments and citizens to assist in understanding and addressing key community issues and priorities.
  • To continue to focus on a long term commitment to economic vitality, environmental integrity, and development design quality through the highest quality master plans, plan implementation and development review.
  • To encourage planning principals that promote rational, economical and environmentally efficient use of land, to allow Happy Valley to grow in a manner consistent with the goals of the community.
  • To protect the natural environment and the City of Happy Valley’s critical and unique natural resources and to maintain open space via the protection of steep slopes, wetlands and riparian corridors.
  • To implement quality development and uses of the land through the application of conscientious design standards and architectural regulations.
  • To work with planned integrated land use and transportation plans and subsequent development to maintain the natural beauty of the City of Happy Valley’s hillsides, trails, woodlands and scenic vistas.
  • To promote both economic growth and the enhancement of the City of Happy Valley’s quality of life; safe and efficient modes of transportation; and, identification of land suitable for all types of housing for the City of Happy Valley’s current and future residents.