Pleasant Valley Villages

The applicant, the Holt Group, LLC, is requesting approval of a Master Plan; multiple Comprehensive Plan/Zoning Map Amendments; a Transportation System Plan (TSP) Amendment involving multiple facilities; an 898-lot multi-phase Planned Unit Development (PUD), comprised of 410 attached and 486 detached single-family units; 259 multi-family units to be approved through a future Design Review application; and, Environmental Review Permits (for steep slopes, natural resources and floodplains/floodways).

The subject property is 10 Lots of Record comprising 166.67 acres, located west of 172nd Avenue, east of 162nd Avenue, north of Tristin Avenue and approximately 2,100 feet south of Hemrich Road (also described as Clackamas County Assessor Map Nos. 13E31B: Tax Lots 1300 and 1700; 13E31C: Tax Lots 101, 2000, 5800, 6201 and 6202; 23E06BA: Tax Lot 100; and 23E06BB: Tax Lots 100 and 200.